The One Supplement You Aren’t Taking, But Should Be

The One Supplement You Aren’t Taking, But Should Be

Fulvic Acid: What is it and why you should be taking it.

What is Fulvic Acid?

Fulvic acid is made from the biodegradation of dead organic matter.  Now, before I lose you! All this means is that fulvic acid is made of organic material.  Our bodies need and desire organic material.  How many diets do you hear of that consist of mostly fruits and vegetables?  These are organic materials.

Have you ever had, seen, or heard of compost pile?  You pile up a bunch of organic material, it breaks down, then you use this soil to grow big, beautiful, nutrient rich vegetables.  Fulvic acid is a large protein that is taken from this nutrient rich earth.  Up to date, 70+ minerals have been identified in filmic acid, each mineral is necessary for our health.

What does Fulvic Acid do?

A brief list of Fulvic Acid’s benefits”

  • Stimulates the Pancreas
  • Aids with Digestion
  • Promotes Mineral Absorption
  • Stimulates the Immune System
  • Improves Exercise Recovery Time
  • Powerful Antioxidant

What exactly is an antioxidant?

When our body metabolizes certain foods, everything gets broken down into absorbable units.  During this metabolism a byproduct is formed called a free radical.  Free-radicals are unstable molecules that causes harm to cellular structure.  Cell damage causes cell death with can lead to organ and tissue damage.   An antioxidant counter acts this, and makes these cells lively and healthy.  Antioxidants interact with free-radicals and terminate the chain reaction before vital molecules are damaged,  almost “reversing” the aging process, or more accurately slows the aging process down. Now this is a very simplistic view of antioxidants, but the point to take away is that we need to include more of them into our daily diet and fulvic acid is a great way to start.

In-depth look at some of the Benefits

Stimulates the Pancreas

The pancreas is a vitally important organ that regulates our body blood sugar and fat breakdown.  The most commonly known function of the pancreas is the release of insulin, but it holds another less known function.  The pancreas secretes a hormone called glucagon, that does the opposite function of insulin.  During periods of low blood sugar the pancreas secretes glucagon which converts glycogen to glucose.  I won’t dive too deep into the physiology of the pancreas, but our current diet has our pancreatic functioning in a less than ideal state.  Fulvic acid has been shown to help regulate your blood sugar and to stimulate the pancreas.  Type 2 Diabetes is associated with hyperglycemia and oxidative stress.  By stimulating the pancreas and it’s anti-oxidative properties, fulvic acid can be an amazing supplement to those experiencing Type 2 Diabetic symptoms.

Improved Exercise Recovery Time

During exercise we are breaking down our muscle cells and our bodies repair and replace these damaged cells with new proteins and muscle fibers.  As stated before during cell breakdown oxidants are produced, Fulvic acid counteracts this process.  Fulvic acid has also been shown to deliver more oxygen to the blood which helps accelerate cellular regeneration.  In addition this mineral has been shown to help control inflammation, which if in excess, can slow down the healing process.

Where to get Fulvic Acid

You can do a quick google search of where to buy fulvic acid, but you have to be careful and make sure you are buying from a reputable source with natural ingredients.  I am not a paid spokesman for any company, but I suggest  I have had great success with their product and they are very clear and open about how their products are manufactured.


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