Stress? What Stress?

Stress? What Stress?

Why Are You Stressed?

There seems to be a common theme emerging in my practice, and it has made me sit back and rethink how my patients and I approach the concept of Wellness and Health.  For years I have focused and stressed the importance of diet in our approach to living a healthy life.  But with so many of my patients I have noticed they plateau weeks or months before they should have.  What is going on?

Then it hit me; We were neglecting one very important aspect of life.  Stress.

Ask yourself these 3 simple questions:

  • How much time do you have in the morning to get everything done?
  • Do you wake up and just start going right away?
  • How much time throughout the day do you have just for you?

We are not made to go go go! Our bodies require down time and relaxation.  There is a very distinct physiological response in our bodies when we encounter stress.  A hormonal cascade occurs and in the short term it is beneficial to our bodies. However, if this stress is sustained over a long period of time it can have devastating effects on our bodies and our health

A quick example to consider: Our ancient ancestors were hunters and gatherers, when they were hunting food they would go through short burst of chasing their food, and in some instances being chased as food! During these short burst the body releases certain hormones, particularly Cortisol that increases heart rate, provides glucose by tapping into protein stores, inhibits insulin production, and vasoconstriction which forces blood to pump harder and faster.  Then the situation resolves itself, and hormone levels go back to normal.

But what if the situation does not resolve itself?

This is what we as a society are dealing with on a daily basis.  Our situations are not resolving.  We are always on the go.  Your body cannot tell the difference between emotional stress, physical stress, or nutritional stress, and will respond to all in the same way.

In my practice I realized that I was focusing on Nutritional Stress, while neglecting physical and emotional stress.  After some research I found these 3 simple tips to help deal with the physical and emotional stress we encounter every day.

1) 10 minutes of me-time every day

I know this sounds almost impossible, especially when you look at your daily schedule, but this is extremely important for personal well-being.  You have permission to be selfish! Take a 10 minute walk (without your phone), read a book, read a magazine, listen to music.  Take time for yourself and don’t feel guilty about doing it.

2) Set a sleep routine and stick to it

How many of us get into bed and turn the TV on, or check Facebook one more time, or scroll through your instagram feed?  We are all guilty of it, but this is killing our circadian rhythm and we aren’t getting the actual sleep that we need.  I know I am just as guilty of this as many people.  I wish I could get into bed and just shut everything off and fall asleep, but that’s just not the way I work.  So I have been focusing on setting a routine.  My routine is 20 min of a TV show, then the TV is shut off and I do a focused breathing session for 10 minutes.  I find that I am much more relaxed and I am asleep within 15 minutes.  This may not be right for you, so experiment with different routines and find what I right for you.

3) Get Adjusted by your Chiropractor

The benefits of regular spinal adjustments have been documented throughly in a variety of studies and publications throughout the years.  A brief list of benefits include: Improved Immune function, improved flexibility, improved sleep, improved mental clarity, enhances pulmonary function, and decreased mental and oxidative stress.  Spinal adjustments performed by a Chiropractor helps ensure that your Nervous System is working at it’s optimal level so you can be the healthiest you.

To find out more how an Chiropractic Adjustment can help you lead the healthiest life and for more helpful tips from Dr. Sean schedule your free 15 minutes phone consultation today.


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Sean M Neary, BA D.C. is a Brain Based Functional Wellness Chiropractor| | Ensuring total patient wellness, healthy lifestyle, and chasing his dreams has allowed him to help families and professionals with the stuff that matters most. He is passionate about bridging the gap between local Ohio people and extraordinary Health.

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